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Advances in Health and Medicine

Exploring New Imaging Techniques


Nuclear and magnetic imaging techniques have revolutionized the ways doctors see inside patients’ bodies—without surgery. Pitt radiologists are seeking still-better ways.

Chaired by Kyongtae Bae, Pitt’s radiology department is one of the nation’s largest and includes 13 research specialties across eight clinical divisions. Research focuses on both technological innovation and the science underlying imaging, including biomarkers and informatics.

Clinicians apply that research to patient care. From abdominal, musculoskeletal, and thoracic imaging to emergency care and neuroradiology, Pitt’s radiology professors have helped doctors detect and diagnose illnesses like breast cancer earlier and more precisely.

Pitt’s unique multicollaborative approach encourages clinicians to conduct research beyond their disciplines. Its implementation of teleradiology—transmission of patient images—enables researchers to collaborate at great distances.